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Since 1817

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Labor Day Celebration

Did you miss our Labor Day Celebration? Luckily, you can still celebrate the end of summer with world-class music, historic views, and the best fireworks show in the Hudson Valley!

Featured Article

Featured Article

Passing the Baton: The Lineage of the West Point Band Drum Majors

The position of drum major at the U.S. Military Academy is as time-honored and rich in tradition as the history of military music, with drum majors leading formations at West Point since 1777.

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Featured Article

A Tale of Two Touchdowns

The history of two Army Football favorites: “Slum and Gravy” and “Gridiron Grenadiers”

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Featured Video

Featured Video

On Brave Old Army Team

The strange but true story behind one of the West Point Band's favorite tunes — Lt. Philip Egner's college fight song classic, "On Brave Old Army Team."

Our Story

The West Point Band is the Army's oldest active-duty band, founded on the beautiful and historic grounds of the United States Military Academy in 1817. The band traces its lineage to fifers and drummers who were part of Continental Army units at West Point during the time of the American Revolution. Officially established on June 8, 1817, the West Point Band recently celebrated its bicentennial. Although many changes have occurred over the years, music continues to be an essential aspect of daily life for the cadets and Soldiers at the academy. Today, the band continues to inspire and motivate the next generation of the Army’s leaders, as well as serving as musical ambassadors for the Army to the nation.

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What People Say About Us

"But the real surprise came in Morton Gould's Symphony No. 4 (West Point), a work written for the West Point band in 1952... A somber first movement, "Epitaphs," gives way to the second and last, "Marches." At one point a marching machine, a wooden contraption, is deployed to depict the clomping of multitudes, and the effect was deeply moving... However in or out of fashion patriotism may be at the moment, this concert held an almost full house in thrall."

July 2nd, 2010

"I first heard a West Point music performance in 1974 when my cousin (Edward M. Sanders) graduated with David Petraeus. Then last year, I had the opportunity to hear West Point perform at my daughter's college, Marywood University, in a tribute to veterans. Their performance was absolutely spectacular! Their program was patriotic perfection and their musicianship was absolute musical mastery."

Anne McCormick

"Listening to the West Point Band play these powerful musical pieces and interact as they practiced, I learned how to become a better leader."

Don Yaeger, Forbes April 2017