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Staff Sergeant Jeremy Gaynor

Staff Sergeant Jeremy Gaynor is West Point's male lead vocalist and an instrumental part of the Benny Havens Band's vocal trio. Before his 2009 enlistment into the Army, Staff Sergeant Gaynor toured parts of the United States as a member of a gospel quartet. The group later evolved into a headlining contemporary gospel duo, giving way to Staff Sergeant Gaynor's deep appreciation for the music industry.

In 2014, after serving with several different units to include the U.S. Army's Soldier Show, he joined the West Point Band. Shortly after arriving in New York he was selected as a contestant on NBC's "The Voice," an experience that gave him invaluable insights into today's music scene. Staff Sergeant Jeremy Gaynor takes pride in the opportunity to serve his country, his fellow service members, and the local community. In addition to his duties as the male lead vocalist, Staff Sergeant Gaynor serves as the band's Production Manager, choreographing shows and planning set lists. Off duty Staff Sergeant Gaynor enjoys writing, watching sports, and laughing with his wife and young daughter.

Staff Sergeant Emily 'MJ' McAleesejergins

Staff Sergeant Emily 'MJ' McAleesejergins is a vocalist with the Benny Havens Band at West Point. As a three-year-old budding entertainer in Indiana, she immediately knew she wanted to pursue a life in the arts. She attended Butler University as a Vocal Performance and Music Education major, and there discovered the world of Army Music.

Staff Sergeant MJ has been a vocalist for the United States Military for 13 years. She enlisted in the Army National Guard as a vocalist in 2003 and has performed on two U.S. Army Soldier Show tours and has been the lead vocalist with three National Guard Bands. Before coming to West Point, Staff Sergeant MJ lived in Nashville, Tennessee where she performed and taught private lessons. In 2015, Staff Sergeant MJ joined the West Point Band as a vocalist, where she also serves on the production and social media teams. When she's not singing at West Point, you can probably find her doing Zumba in her kitchen, covered in powdered sugar while baking something delicious.

Staff Sergeant Kathrine Walsh

Staff Sergeant Kathrine Walsh joined the West Point Band in 2018 as a vocalist with the Benny Havens Band. Born at Fort Bragg into a military family, she grew up singing in her church choir and participated in her middle and high school bands as a flute and clarinet player. Staff Sergeant Walsh has been a vocalist in the United States Military for 13 years. She began her Army career in the National Guard as a member of the North Carolina Guard Band, and finished in the Kentucky Guard Band. Staff Sergeant Walsh completed two tours with the U.S. Army Soldier Show, performing at various military duty stations in the United States, Asia, and Europe. In addition to her musical talents, she also has a background in lighting and staging. Her off-duty interests include horseback riding, Forumla 1 racing, and outdoor activities with her husband, son, and two vizslas, Penny and Goose.